Excellent\nmachine.\n\nBought it off eBay and despite being assured by the seller\nthat it wasn't noisy in any gear, turned out to be noisy in any gear. I\nguess "not noisy in any gear" is in fact true, for a given value of\n"noisy"...\n\nThe rest of the machine is however OK. Bidding was kept\nlow I think by the seller admitting to 0.1" of backlash in the cross\nslide. This turned out to be due to the bolts securing the cross slide\nnut to the cross slide being loose. Tightened up - virtually no\nbacklash at all... Heh heh... ;-)\n\nIt also has dual dials which are a\ntotally brilliant invention. It's amazing how you come to rely on them\nand react to machines with only imp or metric with\nhorror...\n\n[[De-noising the lathe]]\n\n
The\nnoise was more or less independent of spindle speed selected. This\nimplied it was one of the gears very early on in the train. Whipping\nthe top off the headstock revealed that there was significant wear on\nonly one gear - the forward idler. It turns out that the idler needed\nto manufacture a 'reverse' was in fact set into the gear train for the\nforward spindle direction. A strange design decision I think...\n\nSo I\nordered a new idler from Colchester (nearly £200!) and with the help of\nan ex machine fitter, Brian, we started disassembling the clutch shaft,\nwhich must be removed to get at the idler. Which is where the fun\nstarted...\n\nOnce the clutch shaft was out we realised that the stub\nshaft on which the idler runs (in a plain bearing no less...) was very\nvery badly worn. So I ordered one of them too. Also nearly\n£200...\n\nIf doing this again:\n\nDisassembly : Pull the brake\nmechanism as far towards the tailstock as possible - this will improve\naccess to the clutch shaft no end, and make removal (and replacement)\nof the circlip at the right hand (tailstock) end of the shaft much\neasier. It will also allow both clutch packs, the selector and the\nforward gear to be removed intact. We had to remove the forward clutch\nplate by plate...\n\nThere is a grub screw which holds the clutch\nselector shaft (the one which fits into the end of the idler stub\nshaft) in place. This is accessed from the rear of the headstock.\nLoosen it, and slide the clutch selector shaft towards the tailstock.\nThis will create enough room to get the idler gear off the end of its\nstub shaft once the stub shaft is removed.\n\nReassembly : Pull the\nbearing from the left hand end of the shaft. This will make replacement\nof the whole assembly much easier, since the forward clutch gear can be\nmoved past its opposite number which meshes with the idler.
Shell Tonna 33 is now Tonna S68\nShell Tellus 27 is now Tellus 37
Information about my workshop, the machines in it and the stuff done with it all!
Workshop Wiki
Welcome\nto my workshop!\n\nHere you will find information on my [[lathes]], [[mills]], [[saw]] and [[drill]] plus any other miscellaneous [[stuff]].\n\nEnjoy!
The\nworkshop is somewhat dominated by a [[Colchester Master 2500]], with a [[Boxford AUD]] stuffed in a corner...\n\nBoth are very nice machines (I think anyway!)\n\nThe Colchester replaced a [[Harrison 140]] which was also a nice machine
[[Oil substitutes]]