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A Harrison 140 lathe - 140mm centre height, 24" between centres (yes, I know - mixed units - I'm that funny age...), metric machine. Power long and cross feed, Norton gearbox, geared head with clutch. Single phase from the factory. I like this lathe a lot. Have done ever since using a Harrison L5 at school (which is why I bought one!).

Next came a Harrison Universal Milling machine. Three phase (powered via a phase converter), with power feed to the X axis. Imperial graduations (don't ask...) geared machine, also with a clutch. Useful things, clutches...

Harrison 140 Lathe Harrison Universal Mill

The mill has some shortcomings which may mean investment in something like a Bridgeport may be on the horizon... Bought it in a frenzy of spending caused entirely by Nikki (which is why I thought I'd checked that it was metric..!)

Both machines were bought from G and M Tools.

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The Original Workshop

A single garage, with the door at one end and a bench the full length of the other, with a window above. Machines on both long walls meant that there was very little scope for shelves and other storage space, so quite quickly the place became a bit of a tip...

A sadly departed uncle who was an extremely talented engineer responded to photos of my new and still very tidy workshop (which I was proudly showing him) saying "Yeah, but you're not making anything yet!" How true. Note the tidy bench in the background...

Lathe in old workshop Mill in old workshop Tidy bench in old workshop! Lathe and drill - old workshop

(Click images for a larger version)

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The new workshop

A double garage! One half for the car, one for the workshop. Very nice!

Note all the wall area for shelves. Makes a huge difference, not that you'd know it looking at the bench...

Lathe in *new* workshop! Lathe and drill in new workshop Mill and drill in new workshop Extremely untidy bench (I'm making something now!)

(Click for a larger image)

It was nice to be able to plan this workshop, and take time to think about what to put where. Rhino3d helped a lot, being able to move the machines about virtually was a darned site easier than doing so with the real things... The view below shows the main bench, lathe, mill and pillar drill, viewed through a wall(!)

Workshop layout modelled in Rhino3d

To start with, the walls and floor were painted. White and grey respectively. Made a fantastic difference to the level of light in there, even with the two 60W light bulbs originally fitted! Some nice before and after piccies taken by Nikki...

Unpainted workshop Another view of the unpainted workshop

Next, new lighting was fitted. I'd always thought that my previous workshop was a little short in the light department, so I was determined not to make the same mistake. A dozen striplights were fitted. Wow!

Painted and relit workshop Another view of the painted and relit workshop Yet another view of the painted and relit workshop

Next came the power. A ring main with thirteen double sockets and three switched fused outlets was fitted.

Now the benches. One almost the full length of the garage, another almost the full width of the other side. Big one for general work, smaller one for marking out. Luxury! Benches were put together in an afternoon - there's a lot to be said for "measure on job"!

Untidy marking bench

And now, the long awaited drawers are finished! So now there's no excuse for the place looking like a **** hole... ;-)

Drawers done - still not tidy though...

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New mill!

New mill

New mill