Drawing 912

Steering Gear and Lagging Sheets

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Saturday 31st August 2013

OK, this is a bit "out of order", but I need to make some progress... Also I bet John that I'd have the steering drum done by the next SCMTEG meeting...

I decided to hack the whole thing out of a single lump of steel rather than silver soldering the 2-1/4" collars - you know how I hate solver soldering...

Bought a 2 foot length of 2-1/2" steel from GLR, faced both ends using the fixed steady.

Facing and centreing setup

Roughed one end of the bar so that my biggest lathe dog would fit

Roughed offside end

Roughed out the diameter of the large collars over the whole length of bar (except what was in the chuck jaws).

Having broken a tip I replaced it with a new one. Having run out of the old sort I picked a random box - what a revalation! An absolutely superb finish straight off the tool! Never was able to do that with the old inserts. Ace!

Roughed collar diameter

Sunday 1st September 2013

Turned the shaft around, holding the small diameter in the 3-jaw and supporting the other end with a live centre. Used this setup for the whole of the rest of the "first operation". Finished roughing out, then finished the first operation. Realised just too late during the finish machining that the bearing area on the tailstock end of the shaft is ~70thou too short. Bugger. Oh well - I can compensate by reducing the length of the bush in the steering drum bracket. I'm certainly not doing it again...

Roughing operation finished First operation finished

For some reason the toolholder looks rusty in these pictures - it's not really!

Wednesday 11th September 2013

Finished off the turning on the steering drum. Did this between centres.

Second operation finished

Friday 29th November 2013

Used the bolt circle feature of my shiny new DRO to drill the holes in the large collars. Worked quite well.

Setup for drilling the holes in the flanges

Chucked the drum in the large 4 jaw to drill the hole part way through the centre. Can't be bothered drilling it all the way through...